Board Rentals

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Board Rentals

OVC rents custom tournament boards in the greater Sacramento area. Our high-quality sets are perfect for casual or tournament play.

We rent sets for everything from backyard BBQ’s, family reunions, corporate events, weddings. Whatever the occasion and we can even customize a rental package for you and your event.

Board Rental Rates

Pick Up from warehouse rates:

  • Single set, $35 per day.
  • Multiple sets rental rate $30 per set/per day
  • 3-day weekend rate $75 per set
  • Weekly rental rate $100 per set
  • Drink and score stands $10 per day per stand
  • $100 deposit

Delivery Rates:

  • $30 drop off
  • $30 pick up
  • *4 set minimum for drop off or pick up.

Customizing Your Events

For only $30 per set, we can customize the cornhole boards for your event. From wedding dates and images to corporate logos we can make it happen. Minimum 2 weeks notice to customize your event. Graphic file required.

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