Alc-O-Hole Boards


The Alc-O-Hole brand was started by friends and has quickly become a great twist on the traditional game of cornhole.
All Alc-O-Hole boards are produced with the same quality and care that you have come to know with OVC!
How to play:
Shot or Chug– The top 2 holes on the boards are a little tricky as they are 5” wide (vs the traditional 6” hole) and they have a lip preventing you from sliding the bag into the hole. When you make that shot you are rewarded with 5 points and both your opponents have to chug (big sip) their drink or take a shot.
They Drink– the middle hole on the board is just like a traditional cornhole board – but when you get it in this hole you earn yourself 3 points and both your opponents have to take a drink.
We Drink– there are 2 holes at the bottom of the boards that you want to stay away from. If you get your bag(s) in this spot you not only get -1 point (taken off your score immediately) but you and your teammate also have to take a drink.
If you land on the board there are ZERO points awarded. Read that again a bag on the board gets ZERO POINTS.
Just like traditional cornhole scoring your bags cancel each other out.
The game ends when the first team reaches 21 points

For questions or for changes to your customized boards, please email