Back Yard Diamond Set


When you’re in search of a lighter and more budget-friendly option that still embodies the care and craftsmanship that OVC is renowned for, our Affordable OVC Backyard Cornhole Boards fit the bill. Made with outdoor Baltic Birch hardwood plywood, these boards provide the quality you expect, without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Affordable OVC Backyard Cornhole Boards:

🌟 OVC Craftsmanship: Crafted with the same dedication and expertise that define OVC, these boards maintain the brand’s commitment to quality.

🌽 Outdoor Baltic Birch Plywood: Constructed with outdoor Baltic Birch hardwood plywood, these boards are built to withstand outdoor play.

💰 Budget-Friendly Choice: This backyard set offers an economical and lightweight solution, making it ideal for those who want high-performing cornhole at a more affordable price.

Performance and Savings in Perfect Harmony:

Our Affordable OVC Backyard Cornhole Boards deliver quality and value, perfect for your backyard games. Whether you’re planning a relaxed gathering, enjoying outdoor events, or simply looking for a cost-effective yet quality cornhole set, these boards combine performance and savings.

Elevate your cornhole experience without emptying your wallet. Get your Affordable OVC Backyard Cornhole Boards, featuring the classic red and black diamond design, and enjoy high-performing sets that are light on your budget! 🌟🌽🏡🔴⚫


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