Bagussy- Bag Conditioner


👜✨ Unleash the Bagussy Magic! ✨👜
Tired of playing with stiff bags that just won’t cooperate? Say hello to the ultimate game-changer in bag conditioning! 🚀🌈
Introducing OVC’s Bagussy – the secret to juicy, hole-friendly bags! 🌟
Here’s the scoop:
Grab a large bowl.
Pop in 4 bags.
Pour in warm water.
Give it 10 pumps of Bagussy love!
Massage those bags for 3 mins.
Let them soak for a blissful 45 mins.
Hand rinse or delicate machine wash in cold water.
Air dry or tumble dry on low with a towel or laundry bag.
Ta-da! Your bags are now ready to slay, juicy and hole slurpy! 💧🕳️
No more laundry mat vibes – just pure Bagussy goodness. Try it now and let the bag revolution begin!



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