Drinking Boards


Where Fun Meets the Toss

Introducing our Customizable Drinking Cornhole Boards, where the game takes a spirited turn with every toss. These boards are not just for play; they’re an invitation to a good time, where wherever your bag lands, a drinking instruction awaits. Whether it’s you, your partner, or a game of chance, these boards can be tailored to create a unique and lively drinking experience just for you.

A Drink, A Toss, A Good Time

  • Customizable Fun: Create your own set of drinking instructions or choose from our selection. Your bags will determine who drinks, making each toss a chance for fun and excitement.
  • Partner or Chance: Will you and your partner take a sip, or will the bags decide? The thrill of unpredictability adds an element of surprise to your game.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Just like all our boards, these are crafted with precision, ensuring not only an entertaining twist but also a fantastic playing experience.

Sip, Toss, and Enjoy

The Customizable Drinking Cornhole Boards are more than just a game; they’re a recipe for a great time. Each toss is a chance to add some fun to your day, enjoy a sip, and create unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Bring the party to your backyard, embrace the laughter, and make your cornhole games a spirited and unforgettable experience with these lively boards.


For questions or for changes to your customized boards, please email orders@ovcornhole.com.
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