DESCRIPTION: Introducing the “SWEET BEAR”. A luxuriously soft and hole friendly slow side fabric, paired with a controllable fast side. Boasting an overall controllability within the abilities of most players, this bag has proven itself to be a crowd favorite. It’s controllable slow side makes blocking simpler without sacrificing the ability to slide or be pushed. Matched with an 8 speed fast side, also found on our “Gonzo”, players will enjoy a very friendly playability which includes elevated hole friendliness from a fabric that’s great for pushing, while not being too fast for most players.

WET CONDITION PERFORMANCE: Ideal for fair weather, the slow side of this bag will adjust in speed based on conditions more than the average fabric. In dry sunny conditions, players may experience a greater increase in speed on the slow side than the fast, shifting closer to a 6/9 speed bag that would have maximum hole friendliness, while the presence of moisture will slow the slow side fabric at a quicker rate than the fast side, shifting closer to a 3/7.

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